The most precious phone conversation you will ever hear… ?VIDEO

Little Carter wanted to talk on the phone. So his cousin let him talk to his girlfriend. The result is the most delightful phone conversation you’ll ever hear. At first he is a little shy and doesn’t know what to say. He then starts a lightning-fast toddler gibberish to the other person on the line.

She asks Carter if he loves his cousin. He very categorically answers “no”, which causes laughter from his cousin, who stood and recorded the conversation. But the fun doesn’t end there. Carter keeps talking about his dad being in the house. He also seems to think that his grandmother is also there, but his cousin insists that she is not.

A few times the baby says goodbye, and then begins to mumble in his invented language. Every time his cousin tries to take the phone away, he brushes her off. Finally, he starts singing a meaningless song to the girl on the other end of the line. He goes on and on with his melody, though none of the adults understand what he is saying. Children can do the most fun things. Sometimes you just have to sit down and hit the record button. I bet Carter’s cousin is glad she decided to capture this cute moment on video!