When the girls began singing in harmony, all the judges were blown away… ?VIDEO

The American reality show The Voice for the Blind Auditions never fails to bring out the best in up-and-coming singers. In this episode, we see the Cunningham sisters wow the judges with a stunning rendition of Tori Kelly and Kirk Franklin’s “Never Alone”.

The sisters, originally from Ohio, began to take turns reading the lyrics, somewhat confusing the judges. Ariana Grande noticed it first, but Kelly Clarkson turned around in her chair first. When the girls sang in harmony, all the judges were amazed, but John Legend was the only one who turned around. After the sisters finished singing, Legend and Clarkson playfully played back and forth in an attempt to woo the girls. In the end, it was Clarkson who won the battle.

Kelly Clarkson is known for being the first ever winner of the hit reality show American Idol. A fact she used to win girls over. John Legend is a singer-songwriter and producer known for his gospel work. He tried to convince the girls that he knew how to coach them since they were also gospel singers, but they ended up going with Clarkson.