Dancers take to floor but it’s striped shirt girl that has all eyes on her when her feet start to move

She really stole the show!

Have you noticed how some trends are gaining ground again over the next decades?

You see it obviously in the realm of fashion, but it’s also in the realm of music, movies and even cars! Even some favorite classics always come back when people want to revive them.

Charleston is one of these trends, which is now making waves and is widespread on the TikTok platform.

In the 20’s it was considered a popular dance, which is mainly distinguished by its fast footprints and hand movements. His rise to fame took place especially in 1923 by James P. After Johnson’s song “Charleston”, which was part of the Broadway musical “Running Wild”.

They immediately recorded the movements of Charleston. Ksenia also said that among the dance moves performed were “Happy Feet”, “Charleston 20s basic step”, “Fall Off the Log”, “Over the Tops” and”Triple Step” hits. If you want to learn how to do this, you can check out his YouTube channel to watch this video.

At the end of the tactic, the majority voted for Ksenia’s group, and their group was declared the winner. Please share this with your friends and family.