Amazing moment. The first steps of baby…

There are many milestones in the first year of a child’s life. Baby’s first steps can be the most exciting. On average, children take their first steps around the time of their first birthday. The timing is different for every child. Some babies start walking before 12 months. Some children do not walk until their first birthday. Do not compare your child’s progress with the children of your friends or your other children. However, talk to your child’s doctor if you are concerned about your child’s progress. Walking gives your child a new independence. This can lead to new problems for parents as well. The biggest problem is to ensure the safety of your child.

Make it easy for your child to take their first steps in your home by moving furniture away if possible so that your child has enough room to walk around. Make sure the furniture won’t tip over on your child when he or she gets up. Kits for fixing (attaching) large furniture to the wall are available at home improvement stores. You can encourage your baby’s first steps by purchasing one or two pusher toys to keep them entertained. Resist the temptation to buy baby walkers as they are dangerous for your baby. In addition, walkers actually discourage your child from walking on their own. Be sure to purchase sturdy shoes that will hold onto your child’s feet. This gives your child extra support while walking. It also protects his or her feet from cuts and injuries. Shoes with laces may fit better and be safer than slip-ons.

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