Alesha moved to tears by musical duo, Flintz & T4ylor… ?VIDEO

They even met in person for the first time right before the audition. Flintz and T4ylor are a duo of rappers and pianists who took the stage and gave “Britain’s Got Talent” everything the audience and the audition judges wanted with their performance. Flintz is 22 and T4ylor is 17. They never rehearsed together. The two boys met practically “during the first block via Instagram” and it was during the BGT auditions that they first met.

Let it sink in for a moment. T4ylor told the judges during a pre-audition interview about how he sent the piano accompaniment to Flintz via social media. He did this so that Flintz could rehearse his original “Change” rap. This is a song that Flintz wrote for his younger brothers. He hopes to inspire them not to follow “the same footsteps” that he once did.

Flintz spoke about the emotional story behind his lyrics, explaining, “I was a problem kid, hanging out with the wrong people, going down the wrong path” before saying that his parents “got him out of it” and helped him become a “human today.” Flintz added that his father was his inspiration, so he had to thank his father for standing up to receive the recognition. His mother and brothers were looking forward to when the older brother would start rapping.

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Alesha moved to tears by musical duo, Flintz & T4ylor… ?VIDEO
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