Adorable Baby is playing with Baby Goats…

Almost all children ask to have a pet. Often such requests appear even if there is already a pet in the house. Can pets and a child get along under the same roof? Which pet is better to choose as a gift for your beloved son/daughter? How to prepare a pet for replenishment in the family? Many young couples first get a dog, cat or fish, and only after that they are puzzled by the appearance of their own offspring. Upon learning that a baby will soon appear, future parents are often in disarray, and some even decide to give the pet into good hands, fearing possible difficulties. In fact, this measure is extreme. But if a pet already lives in the house, it should be prepared for the appearance of a new family member.

Future parents should understand that a small child and any animal (even the sweetest and most harmless) are a danger to each other. First of all, evaluate the pet’s living conditions: if it is a bird, rodent, fish or other animal that lives in a confined space, its house should be taken out of the room in which the crib will stand. Place the cage/aquarium/terrarium at a level out of the reach of a child. Things are a little more complicated with a dog, cat or other animal moving freely throughout the house. The most important thing in this case is to wean the pet to sleep in the same bed with the owner, to climb the table. It is also important that the animal is not aggressive – try to personally pull the pet’s ears, tail and evaluate its reaction.

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Adorable Baby is playing with Baby Goats…
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