Absolutely incredible! So much flexibility from two talented performers…

Jason Colacino and Katie Boyle were popular West Coast Swing dancers and longtime dance partners. There are many performances of the duo online which are still regularly making the rounds today because of their undeniable talent. But one special video has gone viral several times – and it is their flawless routine to Travis Tritt’s “Honky Tonk Women.” Even though the honky-tonk song they are twirling and prancing to is pretty challenging, they performed it like it was easy enough. Well, that’s no longer a surprise as it is absolutely second nature to them. 

In case you don’t know, West Coast Swing makes the dancer’s legs and arms look as if they are all stretchy and flexible whenever they move. Yet, Jason and Katie were able to do this in a very skillful manner, and in fact, it seems effortless to them. But what makes Jason and Katie’s performance incredible is that it disregards categorization – it’s partly a swing dance, at the same time, a line dance. And it includes so much flexibility from two talented performers.

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