A Pediatrician has become an online sensation for the amazing way he vaccinates babies without making them cry…

The PEDIATRIST has become an internet sensation for his amazing way to vaccinate babies without making them cry. All parents will want to try it, because it’s better than seeing their children scream in pain. This famous TikTok doctor has the best way to vaccinate kids without making them cry. In a TikTok video shared by mom Xi Chen, her partner is seen holding a four-month-old baby on her lap. The father held the child’s arms away from his body, while the doctor sat across from him and held the needle to give him the usual shots.

The Long Island pediatrician could then be seen poking and tickling the baby on his arms, legs, chest, and belly as he giggled happily and smiled happily. With a cap on the vaccine needle, the pediatrician continued to tickle the child, wiping his tiny feet with a cotton swab, preparing the site. The doctor even blew bubbles around the child, distracting him while he prepared the needle. Then he sang along with his father, poking the child in the leg. The adorable baby just looked at him, and though he didn’t smile, he didn’t cry either.

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