A magical duet from Andrea Bocelli and his daughter… 🎥VIDEO

Andrea Bocelli is loved and respected all over the world. His high tenor voice graced many stages and entertained millions of people. He decided to remove all distractions for this soulful performance with his eight-year-old daughter Virginia. The stage of the Teatro Regio di Parma was empty, the seats were not occupied.

Andrea sits down with her daughter to sing the beautiful song “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen. Virginia brings her father a guitar and he asks if it’s in tune. Andrea starts on guitar while his daughter sings the first verse. Andrea then begins the verse in Italian. The whole orchestra begins to play this fantastic performance. Virginia’s mother emerges from the balcony in a red dress as the only spectator. Bocelli became completely blind at the age of 12 after a football accident.

He rose to fame after winning the 44th Sanremo Music Festival in 1994. He recorded 15 albums of classical and pop hits, selling 75 million records. His album Sacred Arias became the best-selling classic album by a solo artist in history. He is a living legend in the world of music. Bocelli has achieved tremendous success as an artist over the years.

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A magical duet from Andrea Bocelli and his daughter… 🎥VIDEO
So emotional and precious moment… The first meeting of siblings. 🎥VIDEO