A girl dared to sing one of the heaviest songs in the world. A Couple of Notes And The Judges Jumped From Their Seats.

She is only 11 years old! A couple of notes – and the judges jumped from their seats! 11-year-old Serena from Pisa was standing on the stage of the Next Star talent show. Lights began to flicker, which resembled falling rain. The audience froze in anticipation. Already from the first notes of her voice, the judges realized that in front of them was a golden nugget. During the performance, they stood up from their seats and applauded. The audience fully supported them. Shouts of “bravo” were constantly heard from the hall. Various talent shows have always been in special demand among television viewers around the world.

After all, with their help you can cheer yourself up, relax and just enjoy the performances of very talented and gifted people. And people who really have chic skills in a particular field of art can gain fame, popularity and recognition all over the world. Participation in a talent show can be considered a lucky ticket that promises a chance for a happy life. Sometimes such people enter the stage of such programs who amaze with their talent not only the audience, but also experienced jury members.

Some professionals have never seen or heard anything like this in their entire careers. And this applies to the charming girl Serena Rigachi from Pisa. For the first time the world heard about her when the young singer was only 11 years old. She performed during one of the broadcasts of the program “Next Star”, known at that time. And this determined her fate. Serena was very confident and calm on stage, even when the judges began to clap her, and the people in the audience stopped holding back tears. If you want to enjoy the emotional performance of this talented girl, rather watch the video below.

Only two words into the hit song, the young girl’s first impression on judges and audience was surely a positive one. Everyone in the room was simply blown away, and this was just the beginning. The judges jumped to their feet as soon as she began belting the lyrics with such practiced talent, and members of the audience continually shouted “bravo” to Serena’s young yet masterful skill.

The combination of raw talent and skilled experience, along with a true dedication to capturing the emotion of the song, was all caught on camera by the crew of Next Star. The audience was shown rising to their feet, even before the very difficult key change Houston had incorporated into “I Will Always Love You.” Committing to the key change flawlessly was just another testament to her skill, along with her composure and self-possession as judges and audience members alike vigorously applauded, some of them even in tears.

See for yourself how this young and talented star in the making captured the hearts of her judges and audience with just one song, and just imagine what the future may hold for Serena Rigacci:

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A girl dared to sing one of the heaviest songs in the world. A Couple of Notes And The Judges Jumped From Their Seats.
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