A boy playing with his best friend goose… 🎥VIDEO

Geese may not be the first thought when choosing a pet. Falling into the category of farm animals, many people don’t think of geese as much more than your typical poultry. You may be surprised to learn that geese can make great pets. However, as with any pet, you need to make sure your lifestyle is suitable for that animal.

It is important to note that geese are not for everyone. There are many things to consider before choosing a goose as a pet. Geese are sociable, pack animals, and you might want to consider getting at least 2-3 geese to give them a more natural social structure. Male geese tend to fight each other. Females are much less likely to fight among themselves and will be a better choice as pets.

Geese have a reputation for being territorial and aggressive. Aggression can be avoided if geese are hand-reared and socialized well with humans from an early age. They are intelligent, inquisitive and often very loving, gentle and tame when properly raised. Domestic geese have been used as guard animals for centuries. Their territorial nature makes them excellent guard animals. Geese tend to make sounds when there is something new in the environment and alert their owners to anything out of the ordinary.

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A boy playing with his best friend goose… 🎥VIDEO
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