A Baby’s Interview With A Parrot. She is so adorable…

Parrot and children: is it possible to make them friends? It is only natural when at one point your child asks to buy a pet. But why immediately a parrot, and not a dog, cat or rodent? It is difficult to give a definite answer. Most likely, the kid either saw a cartoon or a movie with a talking parrot, so he wanted exactly the same. Is it worth it to meet the child, rush to the pet store, acquire a cage with a feathered pet? What should parents know about parrots? Contrary to popular belief, parrots are not so easy to care for and maintain. There are a few key points here that you should definitely be aware of.

Parrots can be quite dangerous. In fact, these are the same wild animals, only in the form of a bird. Even completely tame parrots have a sufficient arsenal to seriously injure your baby – this is a developed strong beak and sharp claws. Children often lack composure and consistency, they are spontaneous, they like to make loud and shrill sounds that frighten birds very much. When buying a bird pet for a child, it is highly advisable not to leave them alone.

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