96-year-old man melts hearts dancing with professional ballroom dancer

96-year-old man melts hearts dancing with professional ballroom dancer. His son gave him lessons and needless to say, he gets a lot of attention online. With aging comes an inevitable drop in energy. Aches and pains in random parts of your body that you didn’t know existed. But they are there, and now you can feel them. The trick is to find in yourself that passion, that fire that once made you love life. Hobby, talent, interest, anything that makes you want to move and move until your legs fail. Aging doesn’t mean we have to stop. This means that we just have to take it slower and enjoy the scenery right now. There is much more to appreciate in life.

The question is, what would you be doing if you were 90 years old?,Let’s hope we get some fancy footwork from this older gentleman! Liya Kazbekova is a world dance champion. She also teaches Latin and ballroom dancing in Los Angeles, California. She shared a video on Instagram that went viral. His name is Tom, he is 96 years old.

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