9-Year-Old Steals The Show And Gives A Very Touching Speech At Sister’s Wedding

Most of the time, wedding guests are moved to tears due to the parents’ speech about the couple. But, this time, it’s a 9-year-old kid who made their guests cry because of his very touching speech at his sister’s wedding.

Troy and Catie Hudson from Denver, Colorado, tied the knot recently. Everyone was happy and celebrated this milestone in their lives. However, one among the guests was exceptionally happy for the couple. “It wasn’t something that we were necessarily prepared, emotionally, to hear,” Troy said. Guess it was too much to handle for the groom when 9-year-old Gus delivered his unexpected but exceptional speech.

Gus and Catie are siblings. This young boy is the bride’s stepbrother, and they have been separated for almost two decades. But, the time apart from each other did not stop them from having a close bond. That’s why Gus had a hard time adjusting when he learned that his sister was already engaged. “I was worried that she wouldn’t spend as much time with me as she used to,” he said. “So it was really stressful in that way because I didn’t want to lose her.”

Weddings have a certain magic that makes everyone feel warm and fuzzy. The fear and worry suddenly disappeared when this brother witnessed their union. “It’s just kinda like magic. And most of my worries about them just kinda went away,” he explained.

The best part happened at the wedding reception. This young man mustered courage and stood up to give a speech. No one was prepared to hear what he was about to say. He did not plan to deliver a speech but did it anyway. He said, “I’m so happy that you guys got married today. And I know I might seem a little sad up here, but these are tears of joy. Catie, I love you so much, and I’m so happy you gave me a brother-in-law.”

Catie and Troy could not stop their tears from falling. Everyone applauded this little boy’s courage to speak and tell the couple, especially his sister, what he felt. His proud sister walked toward him and gave him a tight hug. Gus was also in tears when he uttered his heartfelt speech. He could not also control the emotions welling up inside.

Gus was not only loving but also extra wise for his age. He gave great advice to everyone. He said that the word “extended” should not cloud the word “family.” “Don’t let that separate you because you deep down love them, and they deep down love you,” he added.

The bond shared in a family will always be special. People are not just part of a family because they share the same last names or parents. The memories, challenges, victories, faith, and the lives shared in families bond them together. May this story remind us to always fight for relationships in our families no matter how messy or challenging it gets at times.

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9-Year-Old Steals The Show And Gives A Very Touching Speech At Sister’s Wedding
Her voice is so touching… She is just amazing!!!