8-month-old twins steal hearts with their adorable dance…

Pregnancy is a happy period for most women, but not without stress. Especially when you’re carrying twins, things can get tough. There are several things you can worry about, and people around you often don’t help when they tell you that once they’re born, you’ll soon get tired of taking care of two newborns at the same time. But nothing really matters when your kids are actually born and you see their cute faces. They are a pint-sized piece of heaven. Then you take them home and, frankly, there are many difficulties in this, but you know that you will not exchange these two lumps of joy for anything in the world.

And when they finally reach the age where they kind of interact with you, then your heart melts every time you see them doing their thing. If you’re generous enough, sometimes you can share those cute moments with the social media world and help bring a smile to other people’s faces. That’s what happened here. This mother of twins shared the cutest video of her 8 month old babies and it went viral with over 5.5 million views. Baby Ma’Kinzi and Baby Ma’Kinley had just learned to sit up on their own and were exploring the world. One of their favorite activities is dancing. So their mother started singing the theme song for the BBC show, snapping her fingers and maybe dancing. The babies were delighted, began to laugh and move their bodies and heads, trying to follow the rhythm. The result was ridiculously cute.

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8-month-old twins steal hearts with their adorable dance…
She is honestly one of the most adorable newborns. She is so beautiful… 🎥VIDEO