7-Year-Old Blind Girl Playing Guitar With Busker Will Brighten Up Your Day

A small gesture of love from a street busker has brightened up the day of a sweet little girl! 7-year-old girl, who is blind and autistic, was out with her grandmother when they hear the music from a street performer. The little girl was so happy to hear the music and her loving Grandma brought her close to the street busker! The adorable video shows the little girl is enjoying the music and she play with the street busker with much passion and spirit. She was seen overjoyed to play along with him on the guitar and his warm attention towards her cute performance was the best display of kindness and tender love! He allowed the little girl to play on guitar and they play together for an entire song!

I am so happy to see this little girl is entertained by this stranger with his lovely music. I just want to thank this man for his kind gesture towards this sweet little girl.

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