6-Years-Old Kid SHOCKS ‘Got Talent Judges With His Dance Moves

When a little boy appeared on the stage “Acquire Talent”, he immediately informed the judges. When he began to dance, their jaws simply weakened in surprise.

Only 6-year-old Mario Prieto caught the attention of all the students at the Got Talent concerts with his super confident dance moves. Not only did he dance the traditional Spanish flamenco, but he also presented to the judges a dance performance with a hip hop schedule, to which everyone was in a very good mood.

When the speech was over, the drama began immediately after, as while three judges were mumbling over Mario’s speech, Risto Mejid gave the boy his only “no” vote. Because of that, the little boy got excited and started crying. But when Risto came to talk to him and explain that he was too young for such a serious competition, Mario stopped crying and said that he understood everything very well. Eventually, Risto changed his vote, once he saw that Mario would go to the next round with three votes anyway, and wanted to give the boy his vote of confidence, and a T-shirt on which he received a “Yes Risto.”

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6-Years-Old Kid SHOCKS ‘Got Talent Judges With His Dance Moves
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