6-Year-Old Claire Crosby And Darci Lynne Steal Everyone’s Heart With Adorable Duet…

Do you remember Claire Crosby, the adorable little girl who made hearts melt when she sang Disney theme songs with her father Dave? She’s back again with another enchanting adventure when she performed with none other than the amazingly talented ventriloquist, singer and America’s Got Talent Season 12 winner Darcy Lynn! On the Crosby family’s YouTube channel, The Crosbys, Dave shared Claire’s extraordinary opportunity to perform live with Darcy Lynn when she traveled to Seattle as part of her tour. Dave admits to being a fan of the talented teenager and is just happy they were given the chance to film Darcy Lynn on stage and backstage! Sweet little Claire was in for a real surprise.

Six-year-old Claire, on the other hand, didn’t know they were going to see the Darcy Lynn show that day, and she was very curious about why her father was making a sock puppet. Everything became clear when Dave finally revealed the secret to her and everyone went to watch the show. The whole gang will be watching, even the kid. When they got to the venue, the family was pleasantly surprised because Darcy Lynn herself opened the door for them. She knew about the viral videos of Claire and Dave and was just as excited to see the Crosby family and sing with the little girl later on her show. However, one little guy who was about to celebrate his “four and a half birthday” the next day seemed to be the most excited of them all. Carson was in awe of his holiday and couldn’t stop talking about it. Darcy Lynn even wished him a happy birthday.

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