6 weeks old baby says hello to her mother. Very precious moment…

Waiting for the first real word? Your child understands everything you say and will soon figure out how to respond. From coos to growls and sing-song vowel-consonant combinations, your child’s vocalizations and verbal experiments can sound as delightful as they sound nonsensical. But listen carefully, and one day you will hear it: the first real word.

By 9 months, your baby will probably begin to combine the sounds “ma-ma” and “yes-yes” without necessarily knowing what they mean. But when those sounds begin to transform into meaningful words, it becomes a milestone like magic. When do babies start talking? Babies start talking, that is, trying to express themselves in words with meaning, somewhere between 9 and 14 months. But babies start learning to talk right after birth, mainly by watching and listening to you and other people.

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