6 days old Newborn Baby Girl’s Early Wake Up and Stretching melt hearts…

The morning of a newborn will melt hearts. Everyone knows this feeling. When you sleep well, you will wake up rested, rejuvenated and refreshed. You get up of your own accord, and the alarm doesn’t go off after a night of toss and turn. Yes, that’s what dreams are made of. You know, they don’t call it “Sleep Like a Baby” for nothing. This little newborn demonstrates what it really means to sleep like a baby. Baby gets up, stretches and really shines during the day. Mom and Dad must be so proud and watching this video will make your heart warm ten times over. She is a beautiful, pleasing mass of wrinkled, fresh, childlike love.

Her parents couldn’t be happier. It has been six days since they were blessed with a new family member. This is the joy of fatherhood and the reward for a mother who survived nine months of carrying her throughout her pregnancy.

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