5th-grade boys perform comical ‘granny’ dance routine at talent show

All that’s all about is ridiculous, but the end is gold.

School talent shows are commonplace, and listeners are always entertained by participating in them.

While some oh these this talant shows are not even proper contests, but rader performances, are always fun to watch and exciting to take part in.

But in addition to entertainment, they also serve a different purpose. They are a great opportunity for teachers to show all their students while they help participants build their confidence and vigilance. At the same time, it unites the community, which has always been a positive thing.

Thanks to the quick search on YouTube, it is quite easy to find student performances during such events, and while many of them are very fun and interesting, there are people who stand out a lot.

The students, the boys dressed as old women, danced to the rhythm of “Lonely Ladies (You Can Put the Ring on It”), which was played by Beyoncé herself. The audience, who were really surprised when the “grandmothers” appeared on the stage, soon started laughing and rejoicing for the students.

When the curtain opened, eight elderly women appeared on stage, barely able to walk, and all used walkers, canes, or claws.

For a moment they all threw away all the walking devices and waited for the song to start.

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