3-year-old girl plays adorable piano solo and earns over 21 million views… 🎥VIDEO

Children’s brains are like sponges. Learning and retaining new skills is part of growing up. Teenagers reach different developmental stages at their own pace, but some milestones are common to most of them. For example, by the age of three, children can usually talk, run, hop on one leg, walk up and down stairs, dress unaided, and express a wide range of feelings. On the other hand, some toddlers can even play the piano!

Charlotte is a precious girl who will leave you in awe. Dressed in a flowery dress with tiny pigtails and the most charming smile, the video begins with her sitting at the piano. Her mother is standing behind the camera, filming the performance and talking to her daughter. Mom has an interesting conversation with Charlotte, and it is clear that Mom treats her as an equal. She imitates her mother’s voice and the way she says certain words.

When her mother asks little Charlotte to play the piano, she says she wants to sing her first birthday song for her. Once you hear her say this, your heart will melt completely! After some persuasion, the girl finally places her little fingers on the piano keys. It soon becomes clear that Charlotte is already a professional.

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