3 Sisters Sing A Cappella Cover Of ‘I Will Follow Thee My Saviour’

The Foster Triplets sing a melodious rendition of ‘I Will Follow Thee My Savior.’

‘I will follow thee, my Savior’ was written and the music is said to be by James. L. Elginburg.

Malaika, Mahari and Mikaili Foster are The Foster Triplets. The Westmoreland natives were born to Markquin and Nicole Foster, who have raised them on a diet of gospel music and divine ministry.

They say, “We were told by our parents that at the age of two during family worship, they heard us singing harmony. They ­nurtured that gift by surrounding us with gospel music.” She added, “As we grew older, it became a personal choice because we got the conviction that this was what God wanted us to do.”

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