2 years old little drummer!!! He is fantastic…

It’s no secret that a musical prodigy can hide in almost anyone, and this video of a 23-month-old talented boy is perfect proof of that. Meet Howard Wong, a small and excited man who was almost two years old at the time of filming. His father decided to seat him right in front of his trusty drum kit, and it turned out that little Howard definitely had an affinity and passion for music even at such a young age.

Armed with a camera, Dad played one of Howard’s favorite songs as background music. His sense of rhythm is exceptional and it’s quite clear that the percussion pairs perfectly with the background music. Little Howard clearly enjoys drumming and is also a big fan of cymbal playing. He definitely feels the rhythm and is completely focused on a flawless and professional performance. It’s like Howard has been doing this for years!

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2 years old little drummer!!! He is fantastic…
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