2-month-old says, “I love you,” has mom over the moon

The mother in love decided to take a photo of the 8-week-old baby, who says “I love you”, in a heartbreaking and touching video. It is always an unusual moment for every parent to hear their baby utter the first word.

By about the sixth month, most babies are able to utter certain words, which usually indicate the names of mom and dad, or just what they want to say, such as a bottle of milk or a toy.

Hearing these words can be a little difficult, as the baby may be a combination of voice, noise and even crying, which in turn may present completely different needs.

The observers argued about the fact, but it was a heartbreaking event for the mother with her daughter, and she was glad she was able to capture it.

Clapping and talking with your child quite often when you look at each other helps them to talk about listening skills and promotes intellectual development. So it is encouraging to talk to your child regularly and often when you are busy with other household chores.

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2-month-old says, “I love you,” has mom over the moon
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