13 years old girl shocks everyone!!! Her voice will leave you speechless…

13-Year-Old Girl Shocked Everyone on America’s Got Talent Season 14. Charlotte Summers may be a mere 13-year-old, but her voice will leave you speechless. Charlotte appeared on the 3rd episode of AGT and gave an audition. She auditioned on the 2019 season of America’s Got Talent with ‘I Put A Spell On You’ left both judges and audiences in awe. Charlotte replied that if she won, she would buy a guinea pig and name it Simon Cowell. Summers continued, she would get another one for her sister and called him Howie. Though before her performance, Summers was nervous, once she started singing, there’s no stopping her. At the time, it’s hard to imagine that the 13-year-old voice is matured and powerful. Both audiences and judges not only gave her a standing ovation but also sent her to the next round with the Golden Buzzer. After that, the viewers couldn’t stop themselves, supporting the younger sister.

This isn’t the first time; Summers appeared on the many singing competition such as La Voz Kids Spain, Big Talent, and Eurokids International. A video of her singing Hallelujah from Leonard Cohen and Alexandra Burke became viral on the internet and got more likes and comments. The song Hallelujah was released in 1984 but it became when Jeff Buckley released on his record 1194 album. In addition, to her music career, she also made her appearance in the acting field as well. She starred in the production of Les Miserables.

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