11 years old amazing airport pianist- Harrison plays Ludovico Einaudi…

After a recording of Harrison playing the piano at the Liverpool One mall went viral. All of his “Harrison Piano” YouTube videos have over 26 million views. The man behind the Harrison Piano YouTube channel is Harrison Crane from the UK. He uploaded a video of himself performing famous dance songs from the 90s and ended up appearing on the Ministry of Sound’s official Instagram and Facebook pages. He was also invited to perform on ITV’s Good Morning Britain after the video below went mega viral! At just 12 years old, Harrison has racked up more hits than many musicians will see in their entire careers. Spontaneity, musical creativity and, of course, natural talent led this young man to fame and television appearances.

Harrison uses his YouTube channel to upload videos of himself playing mostly public pianos in the UK. On the about us page, he says, “Whenever I learn a new song and have the opportunity to perform on public pianos, I will post a video here for you to enjoy.”

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