10-Year-Old Boy with Autism Singing ‘Imagine’. His voice Will Give You Goosebumps…

Calum Cull, 10, from Essex, England, has high-functioning autism, so he doesn’t need much care, but he has social and academic problems.nCalum has enjoyed singing since the age of four, and his mother, Tapney Cull, says he even taught himself how to play the drums at just 18 months old. “I know it sounds ridiculous,” she says, “but I promise it really started at such a young age!” The youngster’s singing has been getting better over the past few years, leading him to choose to be front and center of the stage rather than behind the set. Recently, Calum’s skills have appeared in videos on the “Special Community” Facebook group showing people with disabilities defying barriers. Calum, who has been diagnosed with high-functioning ASD as well as ADHD, lives at home with his mother, father, brother, and two dogs and doesn’t particularly like school, as it’s difficult for him to be there.

Dad became ‘monster’ for autistic daughter dressed as ‘Belle’ for Halloween Calum’s mom, Tapney, says the family likes to view autism as part of Calum rather than letting him define them, believing autism is a gift. While his autism may lack social and academic skills, for Calum, all of his energy is focused on his musical prowess. “We are very lucky that Calum’s autism is not affecting Calum the way it could, as he is thankfully functioning very well,” Tapney tells. “It just makes his life a little more difficult, but with music he knows he can overcome those obstacles.

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